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MD-Emergency Medicine Derecognized in Bangalore

MD-Emergency Medicine Derecognized in Bangalore
Editors Desk

In a recent meeting of the Postgraduate Medical Education Committee of the Medical Council of India (MCI), the Committee derecognized the MD-Emergency Medicine for 1 seat at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences Bangalore. Vydehi Institute has 2 seats for MD(EM). The decision not to recognize was taken after the Committee reviewed the Assessment Report (June, 2014) on the standard of examination and other teaching facilities for Recognition of MD (Emergency Medicine) qualification at Vydehi Institute Of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Bangalore granted by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. The Committee pointed out that several faculty members had postgraduate qualification in Medicine, Anesthesia and Orthopedics without any special training or experience in Emergency Medicine. In addition, there were other deficiencies which were pointed out in the report.
Reference - Meeting Minutes 9.9.2014 (Ref - Page 80, Point 183)
MCI Minutes of Meeting dated 9th Sep 2014

The Postgraduate Education Committee had also reviewed the Assessment Report (May 2014) for St. Johns Medical College Bangalore and pointed out that overall data documentation, compilation & classification as per need of the emergency department was not carried out properly. The data regarding OPD, IPD, Blood bank & Mortality, etc. were not provided. Also, all the staff had General Medicine qualifications and there were no staff from Anesthesia, Orthopedics and Surgery. St. Johns Medical College has 1 seat for MD(EM) which stands derecognized.
Reference - Meeting Minutes 26.8.2014 (Ref - Page 32, Point 76)
MCI Minutes of Meeting dated 26th Aug 2014

The derecognized institutes are normally expected to correct their deficiencies and reapply to the Medical Council of India for recognition.
The Committee has also, in various meetings this year, rejected the applications for starting MD(EM) at new colleges listed below:

- Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Kolar, Karnataka
- Vasantrao Pawar Medical College & Research Centre, Nashik, Maharashtra
- Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar

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Ebola Virus Disease - Resources

Ebola Virus Disease - Resources
Editors Desk

Do you work in an emergency department ?
Then there is a 100 percent chance that you will receive patients with suspected or confirmed Ebola virus disease.

Here are some resources for your staff and you to follow.

National Center for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India

Global Alert and Response, World Health Organization

Healthcare Resources for Suspected Ebola Cases, American College of Emergency Physicians

(If the video does not load, click here This is the messy truth about Ebola. - CNN)

Emergency Call - Road Traffic Accidents

Emergency Call - Road Traffic Accidents

Road accidents hardly get the attention they deserve. They evoke some interest only when the annual NCRB data is released or when a high-profile person is the victim. Rural development minister Gopinanth Munde died in a road accident in Delhi on June 3 this year. The debates that the case generated have fizzled out. Even the members of Parliament seem to have forgotten their colleagues death.

Down To Earth - Click here to read the full article

India Environment Portal - Click here to read infographic

MD (Emergency Medicine) and DNB (Emergency Medicine) seats in India - July 2014

MD (Emergency Medicine) and DNB (Emergency Medicine) seats in India - July 2014
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We are not going to write anything since these images will speak for themselves. You are free to use them in your talks to promote & start MD and DNB emergency medicine.

Click here to look at 2011 statistics

Image 1 - Total number of postgraduates seats in MCI recognized medical colleges in India and proportion of MD Emergency Medicine.

Image 2 - Total number of DNB postgraduates seats in NBE recognized institutions in India and proportion of DNB Emergency Medicine.

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White Paper on Establishing Academic Department of Emergency Medicine in India

White Paper on Establishing Academic Department of Emergency Medicine in India
Editors Desk

Emergency medicine services and training in Emergency Medicine (EM) has developed to a large extent in developed countries but its establishment is far from optimal in developing countries. In India, Medical Council of India (MCI) has taken great steps by notifying EM as a separate specialty and so far 20 medical colleges have already initiated 3-year training program in EM. However, there has been shortage of trained faculty, and ambiguity regarding curriculum, rotation policy, infrastructure, teachers eligibility qualifications and scheme of examination.

Academic College of Emergency Experts in India (ACEE India) has been a powerful advocate for developing Academic EM in India. The ACEEs Education Development Committee (EDC) was created to chalk out guidelines for staffing, infrastructure, resources, curriculum, and training which may be of help to the MCI and the National Board of Examinations (NBE) to set standards for starting 3-year training program in EM and develop the departments of EM as centers of quality education, research, and treatment across India.

This paper has made an attempt to give recommendations so as to provide a uniform framework to the institutions, thus guiding them towards establishing an academic Department of EM for starting the 3-year training program in the specialty of EM.


- Click here to read this position paper