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REFUND POLICY for Online Advertising on EmergencyMedicine.in

Due to the fact that non-tangible, irrevocable, digital advertisements are involved, we do not issue refunds once the order is completed and the ad is displayed online. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing an ad on our site. However we do honor requests for a refund if our website goes down or if your advertisement has been refused / rejected.

Please check your advertisement (noticeboard or banner) the first day it runs to see that all the information is correct. This will ensure that your advertisement is exactly what you want readers to see. If any content changes are required, please contact us within 48 hours via email to (emergencymedicine.in@gmail.com) so that our technical team can upload the requested changes. If we recieve no communication about any problems, then it is implied that your ad is in order and upto your satisfaction. No changes will be made after 48 hours of the ad start date.

If you decide to cancel your advertisment prior to its expiration, please notify us. Note that no refunds will be issued for the time period remaining, once the payment has been made.

Our technical team monitors website operations on a continous basis, including ensuring the display of advertisements. Note that it is your responsibilty to check the visibility of your advertisement and inform us if there is a problem. If we recieve no communication from you about any problems, then it is implied that your ad is in order and upto your satisfaction. You can inform us about any problems related to your advertisment by mailing us at (admin@emergencymedicine.in).

Although we aim to keep our webservers running 24hrs 7days a week, we are not responsible for any losses that you make incur due to technical failures of our servers, our internet connectivity or other similar issues. However, under such circumstances, we will keep your ad posted online for an additional duration equal to the lost period (Lost period is based on information from our hosting servers and it means that the website was not displayed on the internet due to our hosting problems. General loss of internet connectivity between countries & continents does not constitute lost period). If the lost period exceeds 14 continous days, you are eligible for a full refund of your payment for that particular month. In such a case you need to send email requests to us during this offline period to recieve our confirmation of offline status.

You may send us the request for refund via email to (admin@emergencymedicine.in) within 30 days of the advertisement start date. You should accompany this request with details on why you applied for the refund and a forwarded copy of our email confirming the continous 14-day offline status. Make sure your request does not contradict our Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy. Once approved, we will refund the full payment back to the credit card used or via an instrument of our choice within 8 weeks of the advertisement start date.

The administrator has the right to refuse any advertisement without assigning any reason whatsoever. In this case any prepayment will be fully refunded within 4 weeks of the date of refusal. We will refund the full payment back to the credit card used or via an instrument of our choice.

If you still have doubts about our refund policy, please write to the administrator at (admin@emergencymedicine.in)

Policy updated - Dec 2009