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Good site



Emergencymedicine.in provides the detail information about
the field of Emergency Medicine in India. Must for a Doctor
who is already in Emergency Medicine, or willing for a career
in Emergency Medicine. - Dr. Aeraj Mohammed, Apollo Hospitals,
Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.


its genuine and fresh

This website is biased towards Apollo. It seems like this
website is for Apollo EM, not for EM in India.

Apollo has no influence on EmergencyMedicine.in
Please have a look at our NEWS REPOSITORY.
Your perception of bias is probably due to MCEM,
commercial banner ads and old site pages.
MCEM is given by United Kingdom, not Apollo.
Please be assured, we will review our content
again to eliminate bias, if any.


Its the only site of its kind. Reliable and unbiased information.

Its a great website. Can know all the updations all over the world about EM.


We are extremely sorry that our website could
not reach your expectations. We suggest that
you utilize your time with other resources
relevant to your specialty.


1. Probably the only website dedicated, to EM related news
and updates in Asia? (as iam sure it is the only one in india)
being abroad, currently emergencymedicine.in is the only source
available to me and my fellow collegues from india, and for all
of those who are equally interested to know about our great
2. Well maintained and UPDATED regularly
3. A 'wikipedia' for all young aspiring doctors who wish to pursue
postgraduation in emergency medicine in india.


Sunday morning, coffee, Times of India and emergencymedicine.in

many times what i am looking for will somehow be found thru this website.

its a one stop shop! everything about Em in India...

Its the only non-organisational website intended to share EM news across the
world. Lot of back ground work is being done (search engine optimization)
to bring it in the 1st page as we google the word 'emergency medicine'.
Hatsoff for your efforts...!


I have seen many websites on EM in India come up and wither away, even now.
But emergencymedicine.in is the most resilient. Hats off! to the everyone in the
team behind this creation. Always has something interesting to read, although
at irregular intervals.


Not endorsing an academic emergency medicine conference "XXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX 2012"
is sad to see from a website run by a so called emergency physician. Asking for
INR 20000 to let the world know about this conference is downright disgusting.
This is a farce.

Paid advertising is available in thousands of websites all over the world. We are
following a perfectly acceptable business practice to generate revenue which
keeps this website and its information freely accessible to our readers 24x7, and
to fund our future plans. Our readers are more important to us than your conference.

As told you before this is a biased website...U said that,"Above statement". I agree that
u need funds to maintain any website. Tell me one thing in public how much did AIIMS
pay this website every time u advertise for INDO-US EM conference at AIIMS. Or u do it
for free thinking that this is an important event people should be able to find it out on
your website. I am not complaining for the sake of anybody or any institution or brand
but for the sake of EM fraternity. The website which claims to be the heartbeat of EM in
India needs money to put a notice of XXXXXXXX. It's pathetic...This is the website which
helped me to decide to become an EM physician and I really feel sad that it is losing touch
with EM fraternity. I am not participating in this conference and I am not associated with it
as well. But I know how important is this conference for EM in India.

We are one of the few websites which voluntarily publish comments such as yours.
We state that we have not asked for any payment for advertising the INDO-US EM conference
at AIIMS. The INDO-US Collaboration is a result of two decades of effort at getting the health
ministry to recognize the EM specialty across all the govt hospitals, as well as, in medical education.
We will continue to unconditionally support all public sector initiatives.

EmergencyMedicine.in is the heartbeat of EM in India. Advertisements are only what is visible
to you on our website. EmergencyMedicine.in also communicates directly with individuals
and organizations, via its collaborative members, as well as, emails & phone.

Since you refused to give your contact details, we decided to find you. You are in an EM
training program in New Delhi. And you are associated with the conference you are promoting.
You are judging EmergencyMedicine.in based on one-sided opinions. We request that you give
us an opportunity to hear our statements on this issue and we assure you that you will be
convinced we have never lost touch (and never will) with the EM fraternity in India!


I appreciate the team of EM.IN for its passion & efforts taken to promote
emergency medicine in india and inspiring the young medicos to choose emergency
as a specialty and the need of emergency care in India. Long Live EM.IN


its a wonderful website, i should say only Indian website catering interest of thousand doctors
and EM Aspirants. Thanks. Keep it up!


Its a very good website keeping us posted with recent updates.

This website is certainly an eye opener and a stage to make noise on the given topic emergency
medicine....!! i hope by the time i walk out of the institution gates i hopefully get into em..!!
- Andrew, FMMC, Mangalore


There is no other website gives a picture of EM/EMS status in India on a regular basis.
- Suresh Babu K., Advanced Clinical Educator - EMS, GVK EMRI


An excellent, upto date, reliable and informative site and a great guide for new aspirants
in this field. I extend my sincere greetings to the mastermind and his team behind, this great
effort and contribution.




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