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EmergencyMedicine.in Privacy Policy

EmergencyMedicine.in Privacy Policy

EmergencyMedicine.in respects the privacy of visitors to its Web site. To protect online privacy, EmergencyMedicine.in has implemented the following policy.

What Information Does EmergencyMedicine.in Collect?
Most data EmergencyMedicine.in collects are used only to help us better serve our Web visitors. It is our general policy to collect and store only personal information that our members, customers and visitors knowingly provide. If our privacy policies change, a notice of the changes will be placed on the Web site.

From General Users.
EmergencyMedicine.in does not collect any personal information from users browsing its Web site. Only aggregate data such as the number of hits per page are collected. Aggregate data are only used for internal and marketing purposes and do not provide any personally identifying information.

From EmergencyMedicine.in Members, Registrants, and Other Customers.
To gain access to members-only resources and personalization features on http://nepi.emergencymedicine.in, members and other users are asked to register and provide some limited information. This information is submitted voluntarily. EmergencyMedicine.in asks users to provide their name, organization name, phone, mail and e-mail addresses. This information will be visible to all visitors to this site as author information in forums, discussions, articles, user groups etc. The option of allowing email address to be visible is determined by the user during member registration. Similar information may be submitted to EmergencyMedicine.in through membership applications, conference or seminar registration, advertising orders, publication orders, subscriptions, surveys and contest registrations. This information is not sold or distributed to third parties in any similar manner. However aggregate data will be used for research purposes and may be published. EmergencyMedicine.in may send newsletters, notifications and other information which may include selected advertisements to its registered members. The IP addresses of users are recorded during member registration and whenever information is uploaded to the site by any user. This is done for security reasons. This information may be made available to local law enforcement agencies in case of any suspected illegal activity.

How Does EmergencyMedicine.in Use Data Collected? EmergencyMedicine.in uses information voluntarily submitted by visitors, members and other customers in the following ways:

EmergencyMedicine.in Member Services and Products.
Generally, EmergencyMedicine.in uses data collected to improve its own web content; to respond to visitors' interests, needs and preferences; and to develop new products and services.

EmergencyMedicine.in Surveys and Research Publications
EmergencyMedicine.in uses survey data with an intention of not only to contribute to research in emergency medicine, but also for commercial purposes. Submitting any information for a survey via an online submission page or by an emailed survey form implies that the sender has consented to the public disclosure of all submitted data. The responsibility of any untoward incident / damages occuring due to this action is entirely the responsibility of the sender. www.emergencymedicine.in and/or any of its administrators/associates are not liable / responsible for any incident / damages sustained for the same. Submission of information also means that you have read and understood our Disclaimer and this Privacy Policy.

Disclosures to Third Parties.
EmergencyMedicine.in also makes member contact information available to all visitors as author information in forums, discussions, articles, user groups etc. The option of allowing email address to be visible is determined by the user during member registration. Members can specify what contact information is included by logging into their EmergencyMedicine.in online profile and editing their Profile Information, or remove themselves from members directory by contacting EmergencyMedicine.in Member Services at emergencymedicine.in@gmail.com
On occasion, EmergencyMedicine.in may also provide limited data to selected third parties that offer products and services. This limited data may include names, job titles, companies, institutes and preferred mailing addresses, as well as institute phone numbers but do not include personal phone numbers or e-mail addresses.

Credit Card Account Information.
EmergencyMedicine.in does not ask or request any visitor to disclose their credit card numbers in its site. When members and customers choose to pay for advertising or other services on EmergencyMedicine.in using their credit cards, they will be taken to a secure payment site at PayPal. Credit card information submitted online is transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. SSL is a proven coding system that lets your browser automatically encrypt, or scramble, data before you send it to PayPal. Any transaction done is governed by the regulations and policies of PayPal. We do not recieve any sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account numbers from PayPal in case you send a payment to us using PayPal.

How Does EmergencyMedicine.in Use Cookies?
Cookies are files that contain information created by a web server that can be stored on a User's hard disk for use either during a particular session ("per-session" cookie) or for future use ("persistent" cookie). EmergencyMedicine.in uses cookies only to facilitate automated activity, store and track passwords, determine appropriate solicitations, and review navigation patterns. Cookies are not used to disseminate significant information about Users over the Internet or to analyze any information that Users have knowingly or unknowingly provided. Users may instruct their Internet browsers to opt out of accepting a "persistent cookie" and rather accept only a "per-session" cookie, but will need to log in each time they visit the site to enjoy the full benefits. If the User declines the attachment of any cookie, the User may not have access to the full benefits of the website. Registration enables the site to better determine members interest areas and provide the most relevant information. Many consider the use of cookies to be an industry standard.

What Privacy Issues Arise With Links To Other Sites?
This Web site contains links to other web sites. EmergencyMedicine.in has no control over and is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of such sites.

What Privacy Issues Arise With Advertising Links?
This Web site contains advertisements, third party banners & announcements, advertising links to other web sites. EmergencyMedicine.in has no control over and is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of such advertisements or sites.

What Means Of Redress Are Available?
If any User suspects EmergencyMedicine.in has handled its personal information in a manner that does not comply with this privacy statement, please contact the administrator at emergencymedicine.in@gmail.com

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