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Featured Personality - Dr. Anunaya Jain on EM Research

EmergencyMedicine.in FEATURED PERSONALITIES brings to our readers, the voices, minds & hearts of the most enthusiastic people contributing to emergency medicine in India.

Emergency Medicine in India is in the stage of evolution and this is an opportunity of learning for everyone working in EM. We try to show you the interviews with contributers to Indian emergency medicine, both novices as well as veterans. In a country as diverse as ours, the experience of the current emergency physicians & allied individuals can never be overlooked. We believe that the replication of the best practices implemented by these personalities, in addition to those from the West, will facilitate the setup of new Indian emergency departments in a faster & more standardized manner.

Interview with Dr. Anunaya Jain, Fellow in Emergency Medicine Research, University of Rochester, USA__________________________________________

Fellow in Emergency Medicine Research, University of Rochester, USA
Managing Editor, International Journal of Emergency Medicine

He is one of the emergency physicians recently trained in India who chose emergency medicine research as a career goal. The path he has taken is loaded with information which we feel will benefit not only budding researchers in Indian emergency medicine, but also the those who are responsible for its promotion here. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


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