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Website Maintenance in Progress
Tech Team

Did you know that our Technical Team monitors this website on a daily basis? Yes, we do. We check pages randomly, look for errors, screen for viruses & malware, review our server logs and do a whole bunch of things. We were recently receiving malicious internet traffic on our Asia-Pacific server which had slowed down our website. We have fixed and reported that now.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be conducting important website maintenance work, like updating pages (only html code, not the readable content), performing lots of minor and a few major upgrades to the core website, conduct accessibility, functionality and security checks, collect performance stats, backup data, and some more stuff like that. We will not be shutting down the site, but you may notice page or browser errors here and there. There is a small but definite possibility that you may not be able to reach our website at all. In such a case, just come back after a couple of hours.

Remember, we are doing all this only to ensure our website content remains accessible to you. Always!

Any updates will be posted below.
13-Jan-2020 - Data backups completed
13-Jan-2020 - Webpages security upgrade completed
14-Jan-2020 - Major upgrade failed
17-Jan-2020 - Major upgrade success
20-Jan-2020 - 12 critical upgrades completed
29-Jan-2020 - Minor updates completed
11-Feb-2020 - Website performance checks completed



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