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Driving Force of Emergency Medicine in India - Salaries & Pay Packets

Driving Force of Emergency Medicine in India - Salaries & Pay Packets

A casual look at the cash flow into the pockets of emergency medicine trained physicians in India reveals noticeable figures. The following table is self explanatory.
(Figures indicate the salary range (in rupees per month) of post MBBS physicians with 1 to 3 year residency training in EM from India)

Mumbai ---------------------- 50000 - 175000
Chennai --------------------- 40000 - 150000
Bhubaneshwar ------------- 60000 - 150000
Bangalore ------------------- 20000 - 150000
New Delhi ------------------- 40000 - 125000
Hyderabad ------------------ 30000 - 95000
Ahmedabad ----------------- 40000 - 80000
Madurai ---------------------- 60000 - 70000
Pondicherry ----------------- 50000 - 70000
Kolkota ---------------------- 30000 - 50000
Guwahati -------------------- 30000 - 45000
Ludhiana -------------------- 25000 - 35000

United Kingdom ------------ 3750 - 5750 GBP/month
United Arab Emirates ----- 20000 - 70000 AED/month


Post-MBBS doctors get about 10000 - 25000 across India in private setups.

EM physicians seem to recieve a higher pay than other specialty physicians. We also detected that hospitals had a preference for EM physicians trained by specific institutes and for those with management level experience. These physicians were receiving a higher level of pay.

Heads of departments never ever reveal their pay packages. Our best estimate gives a number ranging from 30000 in small towns and upto 500000 per month in metropolitan cities.

We predict the salaries to rise further as hospitals become aware of the necessity of EM trained manpower to manage their emergency patients. The basic starting pay for an EM physician in India will cross 100000/- per month from the first quarter of 2011. Anything less indicates that either the EM physician or the institute is unaware about the specialty of emergency medicine.

Dr. Imron Subhan
26 Sep 2010

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