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First Aid, CPR & Disaster Training in India

First Aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Trauma & Disaster Management Training
For companies, factories, employees, teachers, sport coaches, life guards, security & fire personnel, school children & doctors.

Our aim of our courses is to impart the latest evidence based knowledge through short duration interactive presentations & workshops which are also cost effective. The idea is to deliver training which will immediately & effectively improve emergency care.

Advantages for candidates
- Course content is evidence based and in accordance to latest guidelines
- 4-6 hours duration for better retention
- Faculty and instructors are doctors qualified in emergency medicine
- Highly interactive classes with discussions
- CPR demonstration with manikin
- Course lectures made relevant to workplace
- Hands on practice ensured
- Written & team practice tests
- Friendly instructors will answer all queries
- Certificates & cards will be given

Advantages for organizers
- Course conducted on site
- Course content is latest & evidence based
- Lectures will be customized to a particular institute or audience
- Short duration will allow maximum staff to attend
- Qualified emergency medicine faculty & certified instructors
- Certification of all attendees
- Healthcare policies can receive our inputs
- Cost effective

Our courses do not constitute an academic or clinical certification standard, but will ensure that a candidate recieves adequate knowledge & skills necessary for the proper management of common injuries, cardiac arrest, trauma and disaster scenarios.

First Aid Responder Course
Our First Aid Responder Course is specifically designed for non-healthcare personnel like students, school teachers, software engineers, factory workers, life guards, police & fire fighting staff, paramedics, ambulance drivers, physiotherapists, etc. Basically anyone can attend this course.

Legal issues in India
Golden Hour
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
Heart attack
Principles of First Aid
First aid kits & bandages
Wounds & bleeding
Medical emergencies
Sprains, strains & fractures
Lifting techniques & transporation
Head injuries & seizures
Poisoning, bites & stings
Reaching out to advanced medical care

6 hours

Individual written test

First Aid Responder


Code Blue Responder Course
This course is designed for doctors, nurses & paramedics who are caring for patients at risk of cardiac arrest. Staff working in emergency rooms, ICUs, operation theatres, wards, ambulances, sports medicine teams, etc, will all benefit from this course.

Prehospital care
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) concept
Basic airway management
ECG rhythms in cardiac arrest
Cardiac arrest management algorithms
Setting up resuscitative equipment & rooms
Resuscitation team
CODE BLUE protocol

4 hours

Team practical & individual written test

Code Blue Responder


Trauma Responder Course
This course is designed for doctors, nurses & paramedics who are caring for trauma victims. Staff working in trauma rooms, emergency rooms, ICUs, operation theatres, wards, ambulances, sports medicine teams, etc, will all benefit from this course.

Scene Safety
Extrication & Transportation
Primary survey for life threatening injuries
Airway management
Shock & Fluid resuscitation
Emergency procedures in trauma
Neurological assessment
Secondary survey
Spinal immobilization
Log roll
Documentation & Medicolegal procedures

4 hours

Team practical & individual written test

Trauma Responder


Disaster Responder Course
This course is designed for emergency physicians, specialty doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, security & fire personnel, staff managers, administrators, radiologists, policy makers, heads of hospital allied services like food, maintenance, blood bank, telephones, engineering, etc, who may be involved in a disaster management scenario.

Definition & Purpose
Standard operating procedures
Roles & responsibilities of individuals
Central command & control
Disaster scene management
Triage & triaging algorithms
Transportation of victims
Staffing & response areas
Disaster manuals
Conduct of disaster drills & exercises
Media management
Documentation & Medicolegal procedures

4 hours

Team interactive test

Disaster Responder


All Life Responder courses will be done onsite only.
All courses are taken for a batch of minimum 10 candidates. Individual training is not given. Maximum number of candidates per batch must not exceed 30. Arrangement of seating hall, LCD projector, audio equipment, tea/snacks, etc, is the responsibility of the organizers.

For Code Blue Responder and Trauma Responder courses, all equipment necessary for the management of cardiac arrest or trauma victim, like defibrillator, laryngoscope, ET tubes, AMBUbag, etc, must be available onsite for use during training. The detailed list of required equipment will be given. This also ensures that an institute has access to well organised life saving equipment within its own premises.

The cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & surrounding areas are covered. Other cities will be considered on request.

Other courses which we offer
- Stress Management Course
- Nutrition Course
- Ergonomics Awareness Course

We also provide assistance in organizing the following official certification workshops at your site.
Emergency Medicine & Critical Care
Basic Life Support (American Heart Association)
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (American Heart Association)
Pediatric Advanced Life Support (American Heart Association)
Workshop on Emergency & Critical Care Ultrasound
National Disaster Management Workshop

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