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How is this site identifying emergency departments in India?
The decision for EmergencyMedicine.in to recognize a particular emergency department or institute is guided by an extract from our disclaimer which was drafted in May 2006 during the creation of this website. This extract is shown below.

... In the sincere effort of promoting the independent specialty of emergency medicine and its awareness, www.emergencymedicine.in will only mention / highlight those institutions / agencies / bodies which clearly recognise emergency medicine as an independent specialty and / or have been associated with it for a long time.

Emergency Medicine as an independent specialty means that the institution / hospital has an emergency department which is manned by its own dedicated staff / personnel and is governed by emergency physicians or doctors who are qualified / trained specifically in EM but not by people from various other specialties like medicine, cardiology, critical care or anesthesia.

This discretion / recognition lies solely with the administrator of www.emergencymedicine.in who may / may not take references from prominent and outstanding persons / authorities who have been associated with EM in India.

No registry exists which lists the existing emergency departments in India. All specialty postgraduates are registered with the Indian Medical Council allowing their numbers to be tracked. But this is not the same with emergency medicine qualified physicians. EM trained physicians and their departments get highlighted only during national and international conferences, research abstracts, journal publications, advertising of academic courses & workshops, news media articles, websites and distributed notices & newsletters.

We use this overall collected information to identify established emergency departments in India. The basic criteria for listing on this website are:

a) The head of department or in-charge must be qualified in emergency medicine. i.e FACEP, FACEM, FRCS (A&E), FCEM, MCEM, MD (EM), FAEM or FEM. Qualifications in other specialties only accepted if the person had atleast 3 years full time experience of working in an established emergency department.

b) The head of department must be responsible for all aspects of the emergency department and must not have any additional responsibility for any other unit or department (like ICU/ITU, medicine or surgical unit, critical care, anesthesia, etc).

c) Physicians trained in emergency medicine must be available 24x7 for the emergency department.

d) The emergency department must accept & manage ALL emergency cases irrespective of age, disease, condition, specialty or priority, and must not refer patients to another facility from the triage level.

There may be departments which are missed by us and those we do not know about. This is mostly due to the fact that there is no work being done at that department which is getting highlighted. If you do think your department has been missed, please let us know. Contact Us

There are departments which have been setup by qualified EM physicians who have later moved out, leaving the EM residents unsupervised. These orphaned departments are also listed by us because they are potentially independent EDs.

If we believe that the clinical care of patients in your emergency department is below the basic level expected, then there is no reason for us to list your ED, even if it satisfies all criteria.