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We try to answer most of the questions that are related to Emergency Medicine in India. Doctors, interns, medical & nursing students, paramedics and others who have a keen interest in emergency medicine but unsure about the emergency medicine training programs and opportunities in India will find this site guiding them appropriately in the right direction.

The content here will be helpful in clarifying most queries related to this new specialty of emergency medicine in our country. Get to know about the various emergency medicine (EM) training programs held in various institutes in India. Learn about the societies and organizations related to Indian emergency medicine.

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Christian Medical College, Vellore.

The Department of Accident & Emergency Medicine, CMC Vellore, is the largest private sector emergency department and one of the pioneering institutions for EM in India. Being an independent clinical unit of the CMC hospital, it has 39 beds and is the best example of organized emergency medicine. The positions for Fellowship in Emergency Medicine (FEM) offered here are fiercely competitive and well renowned.> READ MORE

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"According to the BBC, as on Sep 2005, one person is dying in a road traffic accident every 6 minutes in India, and ten persons are getting injured in the same time. Our Government is always making an effort to prevent the accidents from taking place. Stricter traffic laws, hefty fines for traffic violations, compulsory helmet and seatbelt rule, better roads, street lights, etc".> READ FULL EDITORIAL

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"Every hospital requiring a proper ISO rating should have a full fledged emergency department with doctors trained and qualified in emergency medicine and not just the age old general medicine or anaesthesiology". READ FULL ARTICLE


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