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Member of College of Emergency Medicine (MCEM), United Kingdom

Previously known as Member of Faculty of Accident & Emergency Medicine (MFAEM)

According to the 2006 curriculum of the College of Emergency Medicine, UK, the examination is competency based and assesses knowledge, skills and behaviour necessary for the successful clinical practice of emergency medicine.

The examination consists of 3 parts (A, B, C)

Part A

Knowledge test in multiple choice format with 50 questions, each with four stems. It is not negatively marked. It examines basic sciences as applied in emergency medicine. Duration is 2 hours.


Part B

Examines data interpretation skills and consists of 16 questions. Questions present a clinical scenario and may have clinical data including radiographs, CT, ECG, blood test results and clinical photographs. Duration is 2 hours.


Part C

Consists of 18 objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) stations which assess knowledge, professional behaviours and clinical decisions making skills. Duration is 2 and 1/2 hours.


Each part stands alone. Candidate will be awarded either a PASS or FAIL.

Part A to be cleared before part B. B to be cleared before C.

All exams to be cleared within 4 years of first attempt at part A.

Part C to be cleared within 1 year (2 sittings) of clearing part B, other wise candidate must resit B again.

Part A can be taken after at least 6 months in emergency medicine or in the II foundation year of training.

Part B and C can be taken after completion of 8 months in emergency medicine and 12 months in other acute specialties.


Successful completion of MCEM qualifies the candidate to undergo further training in UK, if preferred, as Specialist Registrar in EM. The completion of the FCEM exam qualifies the candidate in UK as Consultant in EM.


The MCEM course is conducted at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad.> More Details





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