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Xray of diaphragm rupture -Negative Xray of diaphragm rupture

25 year male with history of car - tree collison accident. Left femur fracture. Bowel sounds heard in the left axillary and infra axillary region. All vitals including saturation in room air were normal. Diagnosed as diaphragmatic rupture and operated. During surgery it was found to be congenital!

POINTS : Ryle's tube in the chest, bowels with fluid levels in left hemithorax and mediastinal shift to right.


Cervical protection and airway

Airway management and Cervical spine protection is of supreme importance in trauma victims.


Cardiac monitor

Emergency physician's best friend. Pulse. Respiratory rate. Oxygen saturation. Blood pressure.



Truck runover accident. Devastating injuries. Victim not salvageble.


Atlas fracture

CT scan. Cervical spine injury. Fracture of Atlas.


Foot injury

Crush injury to the foot. Pain management in the emergency department is one of the top priorities. Morphine. Morphine. Morphine.







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