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A feedback survey conducted in July 2012 by EmergencyMedicine.in™ showed that 70% of the respondents had specific knowledge which could help the development of emergency medicine in India. And 91% were ready to spread that knowledge, if given an opportunity, so that others can improve.


EM inside™ Collaboration created by EmergencyMedicine.in™ gives that simple opportunity.









The single goal of EmergencyMedicine.in™ is to deliver the best guidance in the field of emergency medicine in India. EM inside™ Whitepaper collection is the first of the few collaborative efforts initiated by EmergencyMedicine.in™ in order to harness talent which will contribute to the growth of emergency medicine specialty in India. All whitepaper authors will become a part of the advisory team for EM inside™ Collaboration.





Ready to collaborate ? Get an EM inside Whitepaper in your name!

Think of an idea.

Isolate the best idea which can solve a problem related to EM's development. Something within your territory of experience.


Think how you can communicate this to others in the best possible manner. Brainstorm with colleagues with similar experience.


Create a comprehensive document with your suggestions. Send it to us to check feasibility for publication. We will also conduct a plagiarism check.


If we decide to publish, sign the copyright agreement. Incorporate inputs from our editors & advisors, as they are necessary to align your literature to our unique style.


This will be our responsibility.



Let others know!

We will publish. You just let others know that you have a great idea!




1. EM inside Whitepapers are always a product of EmergencyMedicine.in, therefore submitted literature may receive significant additions and edits to suit our interests to promote EM in India. We may not support some ideas.


2. No clinical, medical, research or patient treatment related literature will be published in our Whitepapers. This is not our domain of expertise. However, to facilitate publication of such articles, we will help you submit them to one of the peer-reviewed EM journals in India.


3. We do not downgrade credibility of your literature if you have received financial support to create it. We will appreciate the funding source which has helped create a good whitepaper.


4. All copyright privileges will be transferred to EmergencyMedicine.in


5. Other conditions may be applicable to specific whitepapers and situations.


6. Each whitepaper takes three to six months to prepare. Therefore patience is recommended at all stages!