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White Paper on Academic Emergency Medicine in India

White Paper on Academic Emergency Medicine in India:
INDO-US Joint Working Group (JWG)

Emergency Medicine(EM) is a new discipline for India. As Medical Council of India (MCI) makes progress in recognizing
the need to develop EM residency training programs in India it is important that there exist an established training
model for future faculty, residents and medical students. This INDO-US white paper makes a serious attempt to
recognize the opportunities and challenges in developing academic emergency medicine in India. The contents
of this white paper address the overall scenario and are not targeted towards a person, physician, body, hospital
or any other associated entity. This paper emphasizes the importance of MCI recognized training in Emergency
Medicine for physicians in India.


Article is at Oct 2008 issue (Journal of Association of Physicians, India)

Contributions to the Development of Emergency Medicine in India

From Editor's Desk - Editorial June-July 2008

Go to an emergency medicine conference in the US and mingle into posh NRI crowd. The most common question asked by people is Does Emergency Medicine exist in India? You are likely to hear the answer coming from an Indian living in the US that EM does not exist in India, but we are doing everything we can to bring the specialty to that country.

Our newest specialty in the field of medicine and trauma has many self proclaimed owners. They speak of a scenario which existed more than a decade ago and many of them have never even stepped into India recently.

Emergency medicine and allied services is a multibillion dollar industry for a country. You are very wrong if you think that affiliation to an Institute in US comes for free and that they are supporting us. Indian institutes have the capacity to pay in hundreds of thousand of dollars per year for affiliations and this is pure business.


The number 108 could soon become India's version of 911

108 will be India's version of 911
The number 108 could soon become India's version of 911, the number the USA dials for an emergency. After negotiations for almost a year, telecom minister A Raja has indicated in a letter to health minister Anbumani Ramadoss last week that 108 is being finalized as the national toll-free trauma care number.

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IEMSIG Newsletter (April 2008)

Newsletter of the International Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group of ACEM
Sri Lanka
Two leading Sri Lankan teachers have visited Australia to train for the Emergency Life Support International
course. Plans are developing to launch the course in May 2009.

Suresh David celebrates news that the Medical Council of India is recognizing EM as a specialty

Gautam Bodiwala advises of the establishment of The College of Emergency Medicine in London.

Peter Hodkinson calls for contributors with interest and experience in building emergency care capacity in the
developing world.


Emergency Medicine is Exploding into India

From Editor's Desk - Editorial May 2008

The enquiries made by enthusiastic doctors in India wanting to take up emergency medicine as their career made me think about a very disturbing trend. As Emergency Medicine explodes into India there are two types of interests expressed by organizations and people.

Firstly, EM can make a real difference to the hospital, patients and healthcare of a community in general. EM recognition can lead to lives saved. Its a new specialty which gives opportunity for EM physicians, EM nursing, Emergency medical technicians (paramedics), etc to work and contribute in hospitals and to the society. EM also pays well.