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National Disaster Preparedness Course for Hospitals (NDPCH), India


Conducted by the Academy of Traumatology and the British High Commission.

The 9th NDPCH was held at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad with support from the British Council on December 17th & 18th 2005.



Chief Instructor: Colonel Tim J. Hodgetts, OStJ, MBBS, MEd, FRCP, FRCS(Ed), FFAEM, FRGS, FIMC, L/RAMC, Defense Consultant Advisor in Emergency Medicine, UK Defense Services, Honorary Professor of Emergency Medicine and Trauma, University of Birmingham, UK.

Instructor: Dr. Manjul Joshipura, Chief of Trauma & Emergency, Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Consultant to WHO for essential trauma care programmes. Director of Academy of Traumatology, India.

Instructor: Dr. Major Lorraine Greasley, Specialist Registrar (Accident & Emergency Medicine), Nottingham, UK. (Awarded Queen's Gallantry Medal for operations in Bosnia)


Course Objectives

To provide awareness about benefits / needs for disaster preparedness for hospitals.

To provide model plans for disaster management. (Example: earthquake, flood, cyclone, fire, transport incident, riots, war, terrorist incident, etc)

To develop customised disaster management plans for Indian hospitals.

To develop skills to test the preparedness through regular test drills.

To evolve a structured training programme on disaster preparedness for hospitals in India.


For Whom

Hospital administrators

Emergency Medicine and trauma surgery specialists

Heads of clinical departments

Senior nursing and paramedic personnel

Public health officials in the Government



Rs: 2000/- (as on Dec 2005)





Academy of Traumatology

The British Commission

Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad




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