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Trauma Promise

Trauma Promise
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Lack of trauma care bleeding the country, say experts

Lack of trauma care bleeding the country, say experts

The most important part is the correct assessment of the kind of injuries sustained, said Dr Mahesh Joshi, director and consultant of accident and emergency department at Apollo Health City, Hyderabad. This can only be done by people trained to do it. Currently, we need to produce 50,000 personnel trained in emergency services annually. However, there are only 50 seats in this specialization. Therefore, there is a huge gap in demand and services.

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Weekend News

Weekend News

Doctors pay should be frozen again, employers say
NHS Employers said extending the two year public sector pay freeze would free up money to maintain patient care and minimize job losses.
Its submission to the Doctors and Dentists Review Body (DDRB) added that an increase in pay next April was neither "necessary or affordable".
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Emergency Care Course
The course is being approved by the Indian Society for Emergency Medicine. Medical College Principal Dr Ramdas Pisharody inaugurated the course at the hospital.
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Doctors often ask for needless tests
Emergency procedures are not required in most cases, except for conditions such as heart attacks and unstable angina (chest pain) where a patient has to undergo stenting or surgery within 12 hours.
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AIIMS to train doctors for emergencies

AIIMS to train doctors for emergencies

The AIIMS trauma centre will start a crash course in emergency medicine for the doctors of six AIIMS-like institutions launched recently.

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Society of Emergency Medicine India (SEMI) Launching National Journal of Emergency Medicine

Society of Emergency Medicine India (SEMI) Launching National Journal of Emergency Medicine
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The first issue of the National Journal of Emergency Medicine (NJEM), the official journal of the Society of Emergency Medicine India (SEMI), is due to launch by the end of this month.

According to Dr. V. P. Chandrasekaran, the Chief Editor of NJEM, this will be a quarterly journal which will address the need of Indian emergency medicine. He said that Indian EM had a lot of unique issues like pesticide & plant poisoning, limited availability of EM physicians, self triage of the common public to the specialist, poor awareness of EM and absence of qualified emergency medical technicians.

NJEM has Dr. Meyei Appachi (Salem), Dr. Senthil Kumar (Salem), Dr. Tamorish Kole (Delhi) and Dr. Srinath Kumar (Salem), as Associate Editors, along with an editorial team of 31 members and an executive advisory panel of 10 members. The draft copy which we saw had an interesting research article on tetanus which showed patient hospital expenditures in tetanus cases.

During the last couple of years, many Indian journals of EM were launched by various individuals and groups. You may recall some names like Vitals and Journal of Emergency Medicine India (JEMI), and also Indian Journal of Emergency Medicine. None of these saw the light of the day. The NJEM is the first effort of SEMI to promote research in EM and this journal seems to be more robust than others, considering the background of the team supporting it. Emergency physicians in India will be able to get their hands on a hard copy of NJEM during the month of October. We expect to see some good stuff in this publication as it matures.

Meanwhile, another online journal, Journal for Emergencies, Trauma & Shock (JETS) published by the INDO-US Emergency & Trauma Collaborative has been online for Indian viewers since 2008. Indo-US Trauma Collaborative ( is joint academic effort between the University of South Florida, USA and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). JETS is focused on emergency medicine, traumatology & shock resuscitation. And lets not forget the veteran publication EMS India which has been coming to our emergency rooms regularly for free, since 2007.

Even though far from what is in the West, Indian emergency medicine is growing faster than others and we can see it to continually evolve to suit the requirements of our local needs.


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