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Differences between emergency medicine and critical care

Emergency Medicine
Critical Care

Emergency department

Emergency Physicians (trained and qualified in the specialty of emergency medicine after mbbs graduation)

Prehospital care is a part of EM

Disaster management (major role)

Patients are unlimited

Uncontrolled environment

Short term management

Spectrum of patients and problems is vast

Diagnosis is not required for initiation of treatment





Short term

Patient can stay upto 24 hours


Intensive care units

Intensivists (qualified in critical care medicine after completion of postgraduation in medicine, surgery or anesthesia)

No role

Limited role

Patients limited by number of beds

Controlled environment

Long term management

Spectrum limited to the specialty of intensive care unit (Eg: MICU, SICU)

Diagnosis necessary and required for continuation of treatment

Knowledge of long term drug effects

Knowledge of long term sedation

Knowledge of ICU related disorders

Total parenteral nutrition

Long term ventilator management

Patient can stay for weeks to months



Similarities between emergency medicine and critical care

Both deal with very sick and injured patients.

Both require personnel (doctors, nurses, assistants, etc) who are specifically trained in these respective specialties.

Emergency medicine personnel are not adequately trained for ICU work and ICU personnel are not skilled to function in an emergency department.

Procedural skills are the same for both specialties.

Resuscitations and deaths are common in both specialties.





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