Thread subject: NEPI :: How to attach files in the forum

Posted by stemlyns on 24-01-2011 21:45

Not sure how to atach files in the forum.I got some nice xrays i want to share with you guys.Could anyone help me.

Posted by imron on 26-01-2011 21:54

Images avoided due to hosting space limitations. Send your image file along with with your forum post to and I will try to upload it.

Dear Stemlyns,
Welcome back to NEPI after a long gap!
You were one of the early ones to pull NEPI along and help reach this stage now.
Maroju, as you can see from his contributions, has always been around.
I think we all need to work once again to take it to the next level.

And Morpheus! Can you hear us?!

- Imron

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Posted by morpheus on 27-01-2011 08:41

I am very much here mate!
Just busy these days, trying to figure out business simulations in the world of medicine !!!
Will keep you posted, and will post up anything new that churns up on my side... good to see the site getting renewed with activity...