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Posted by morpheus on 11-11-2008 09:44

hey guys... i know u guys talk to me a lot on the other threads... but i guess we should converse here about the personal stuff.
so you can talk to me here

Posted by morpheus on 11-11-2008 09:46

so in deciding what you want to do first mcem or mle, well it depends where you wanna settle down. if india is your final destinataion do mcem first, then if you want you can top it off with a residency in us.
but if you dont plan to practice in india, do some research, come to US, but you will not get EM thats a branch thats not friendly at all for IMGs in most places... so good luck finding one.

Posted by usuf on 11-11-2008 15:00

thanks morpheus.
That is what was going in my mind.....I came to know from friends in usa that it is very difficult to get residency in emergency medicine for imgs.I wanted first hand exprience regarding it as u r going for residency after mcem.So i think it is better to go for usmle becoz it gets difficult to go in em in usa after mcem moreover by than u will be old graduate that is another hurdle.

Posted by morpheus on 11-11-2008 19:35

your point about the old grad is actually wrong.
they do not mind if you have done 3 years of residency, basically they like experience to come in ... so thats actually a plus point for em residency ... thats not true about other things though. yeah but if ur plan is to settle in the US only then if you have great mle scores, have some observerships under your belt in the US, and have about 10 research projects under your belt with a couple of publications, you should be good.

Posted by usuf on 11-11-2008 22:53

In internal medicine they really mind graduation years n they usually prefer fresh graduates.Nyways when u gona appear in step1 if u dnt mind asking u.

Posted by morpheus on 12-11-2008 01:11

i am going to sit the step one in march april.. or atleast thats the plan. its difficult to get quality study time, when you do research... but i hope to get it done.
if you are planning to do IM then dont think about EM. both are very very different.

Posted by usuf on 12-11-2008 11:58

Of course i know that nyways best of luck for ur step1.

Posted by morpheus on 05-12-2008 05:03

its the last month of preparation for the mcem exam... my suggestions:
1. do not think too much about the exam, the more you will the more anxious you will get.
2. believe that what you have done, you will remember.
3. prepare a time table for the last minute revision, the more planned the last minute revision is the better you score in the exam.
4. reach hyderabad a day in advance, so that the stress of travel is relieved, remember it takes about 2 hours to get from hyderabad airport to apollo hospital.
5. take one of the reputed prepaid cabs from the airport to the hospital, believe me it will save a lot of worries.
6. and for your last minute revisions, my preference would be either one of Anatomy or Pharmacology .
7. do not forget to do statistics, if youve forgotten to do that, do it today, do it now. believe me you have 2 questions for stats, thats 8 marks... or 4%. and it will make a difference, because not everyone does stats.
8. remember to take your id card.
9. dont eat too much before the exam, but dont not eat. It helps if you have your own water bottle during the exam, but even if you dont, you will be given water.
10. my personal fav. eat a snickers before the exam, it will carry you thru the 2 hours no matter what.
take care guys
and best of luck for everything.
i hope you all do great

Posted by morpheus on 11-12-2008 13:26

have you seen the international journal of emergency medicine yet???
its a great online journal, that caters to international focus in EM...
do give it a look
catch its link via yahoo or google

Posted by morpheus on 23-12-2008 21:08

results of mcem part A are out, and congratulations to all those who cleared. i do know that atleast one new candidate has cleared the exam, so finally some juniors will come in!!!
congrats guys...
happy residency to you!!

Posted by morpheus on 23-12-2008 21:10

aah... mcem hits hard again
only 3 of the 12 candidates have passed the exam
and it was supposedly an easy paper.
whats so difficult about the exam...
but i guess its imp to keep it that way so that we get the pick of the crowd.