Thread subject: NEPI :: Morpheus Talks

Posted by morpheus on 05-12-2008 05:03

its the last month of preparation for the mcem exam... my suggestions:
1. do not think too much about the exam, the more you will the more anxious you will get.
2. believe that what you have done, you will remember.
3. prepare a time table for the last minute revision, the more planned the last minute revision is the better you score in the exam.
4. reach hyderabad a day in advance, so that the stress of travel is relieved, remember it takes about 2 hours to get from hyderabad airport to apollo hospital.
5. take one of the reputed prepaid cabs from the airport to the hospital, believe me it will save a lot of worries.
6. and for your last minute revisions, my preference would be either one of Anatomy or Pharmacology .
7. do not forget to do statistics, if youve forgotten to do that, do it today, do it now. believe me you have 2 questions for stats, thats 8 marks... or 4%. and it will make a difference, because not everyone does stats.
8. remember to take your id card.
9. dont eat too much before the exam, but dont not eat. It helps if you have your own water bottle during the exam, but even if you dont, you will be given water.
10. my personal fav. eat a snickers before the exam, it will carry you thru the 2 hours no matter what.
take care guys
and best of luck for everything.
i hope you all do great