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MSc Emergency Medicine...
Hi everyone. I am new member in NEPI. Its really good site and all of people are very helpful.
My 1st post is about MSc Emergency Medicine. This course is held in South Africa and MSc is offered by writing high level thesis only. There is no exam.All you have to do is to write thesis where you are and if approved you'll be offered MSc in emergency medicine.
Now my question is to all those experienced members...is this kind of MSc have an value..will it make any progress in career..or any specialist post in arab countries.
Please do reply.
I dont think so, it doesnot make any sense.
If one can get degree just by writing a thesis you can understand what level of education will go to.
There are some universities in South Africa who charge you lacs of rupees and give you MD, MS, Mch degrees which are not even recognised in South Africa. All these are given with an online exam in which those people help you to pass the so called exam.
One thing all of us should know is that "without hard work we cant get anything".
But its University of Cape Town who offer this MSc. You are right...there are some courses in University of Capetown which take lac of ruppees and give MPhil, MD, etc in emergency medicine but that is regular.
is this kind of MSc have a value?

Based on the information you have provided, the answer is no.

The only experience you'll get is the method of writing a thesis and a little bit of research related knowledge. This maybe useful in some circumstances in non-clinical related work.

Countries which do not have standardised qualifications & criteria in emergency medicine, allow different kinds of training to be accepted for various job positions. So it is difficult to say how this MSc will help you in particular country.

Example, a hospital may accept this as a skill above other doctors and allow you to practice EM as a specialist. On the other hand, a hospital may not allow you to work in an emergency department without a well recognised qualification.

If I was interviewing a candidate with this MSc, I will consider that this is an indication that a candidate has some degree of orientation to EM and that he/she has done it due to unavailablity of other EM training. So there is scope of allowing supervised work. But I will still encourage him/her to get a proper postgraduate qualification.

Thank you dear... i appriciate your answer
I think correspondance courses for clinical subjects has no value. You need to have practical knowledge.
Just for sake of putting some degree behind your name doing such kind of courses should de discouraged, because I feel students who opt for these kind of courses are in search of some shortcut way to present themself as specialist rather than they do it because of unavailability of proper courses.
Also there are good Emergency courses in South Africa.
You can go for one of them.
presently i cant quit my job and go for proper course. i am planning for MCEM-A, but it need good sitting and i am finding it difficult due to shift duties, but agree with rsameer..."without hard work we cant get anything".

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