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Authenticity of EM courses
Dear all,
All what is described regarding the training in EM in India is about MCEM and nothing else on this site.There is no information given regarding other training programs like MD(A&E),IFEM(George Washington University),etc.
Aren't these trainings in EM authentic to start a career in emergency or are they just additional certificates? You have all details of MCEM available on this site from A to Z about MCEM,but not even a single word regarding these courses,any specific reason?
It appears to me that MCEM is only promoted through this and a newcomer in EM is likely to be misguided that MCEM is only degree for entry in EM in India.
Dear rsameer
You have raised a very good point. It does appear that there is a lot of info on MCEM as opposed to others. It is most possibly because this is a forum which reflects purely on inputs and experiences from people like you and me. It also appears that people who have bothered to write or contribute are also those people who have possibly taken the MCEM exam or are vaguely related to such training programmes. I certainly do not think that there is a deliberate undermining of the credibility of other training programmes.

Having said this, you'd realise that most other training programmes at this point of time are put together locally and are affiliated to local universities (some to international organisations!) People who have trained in these probably could throw some light and share their experiences. However, there is a danger that this forum could be hijacked in inappropriate slander (or worse still) marketing of some institutes.

I feel that any newcomer making that crucial decision of which course to choose should be mature enough to make a well informed choice, and not just by a few opinions....

It is also important that people who have useful information about some of the courses should share them for the benefit of the budding EM docs.

very valid point. there should probably be more info on md emergency medicine and critical care which is currently only available at ramachandra medical college(chennai) and vinayaka mission medical college(salem).

it is a sad reflection of the situation in india that none of the other academic centres have started this course and there is no approved(by indian medical council) post graduate training in emergency medicine .
Can anyone please clarify as to what IFEM (George Washington University) actually means. Is it an affiliation to the said university? If so, what kind of input or governance does the program have from GWU? Or is there any visiting/exchange program between the institutes involved?
(I'd appreciate well informed responses as opposed to 'hearsay' please. No offence!)
I haven't met any of the coordinators but met few of the enrolled candidates.

IFEM is International Fellowship in Emergency Medicine
EM residency of 2 years duration.

Available at 5 locations in India
Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences, Calicut
Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, Trivandrum
Max Hospital, New Delhi
Rabindranath Tagore Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Kolkota
Mission Hospital, Durgapur, West Bengal

Curriculum is available on the net shows the 24 month schedule. Candidates have option of spending a 4 weeks at George Washington University, USA as observers.

Faculty from GWU come down to India once a month for a week for academics. Rest of the time the local faculty coordinates the teaching.

The first batch of residents who completed their 2 year training recieved their certification at MIMS this month.

I met a very energetic 2nd year resident Dr. Lokeshwar who has been writing a blog for the past couple of years on EM at MIMS.


Thanks for the info Imron. Certainly sounds interesting and good!
I am just wondering as to whether there is a way of integrating all these various programs into one unified EM programme nationwide. Wouldn't it be nice for EM in India...
Come on Medica Council... it is time you got your act in order!!!
As told by Imran it is right.I am new batch student at MIMS calicut.The fellowship is under Ronald Regan Institute of Emergency Medicine at George Washington University.
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