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I am Confuse Rt now. What should I do ? Morpheus I am Imran. On one side there is D Radio & On Other Side MCEM ? Please Help me. I cleared both State & MCEM & USMLE. What should I do ? Before that I joined... DELETED BY WEBMASTER! also but They were not upto mark. Is it good to do MCEM at Hyderabad ? Or Continue my D Radio ? Or going for USMLE Step 2 ?Sad

Do not criticise any institute.

- Webmaster
imuwithash, my sincere advice is to decide what you want to be 5 years from now. Do you want to be a radiologist or an emergency physician?

You need to work in hospitals for a year to know what each specialty feels like. If you choose randomly, then you are likely to get frustrated after a few months and will be unhappy with your decision.

Do you want to stay back in India or go abroad?

Dont join any course, if your mind is confused. Because you'll not be satisfied. Think for an hour and choose one path.
I want to go abroad. Particularly AUS N UAE.
if you dont want to work in india, why are you even giving the entrances in india, work for AUS and UAE. MCEM might allow you to work in the UAE like any other UK degree, but there is obviously no guarantee for the same. imron is absolutely right, you need to get your life plan clearly written down and work towards it. dont work at plan a plan b and plan c at the same time.
work on plan a, if for you that is going to the AUS or to UAE then work towards it.
dont think of mcem as a pathway to go abroad, it is not.
if youre seriously interested in doing EM then join MCEM. else if youre not, dont.
EM is a branch that requires a lot of dedication and stability in life, else it is easy to blow it away.
so think a while and then decide

And leave footprints in the sands of time.......
Thanks !
Hi ! I think most of us are confuse like imuwithash. I heard that EM TRAINING IN INDIA IS LIKE M.O. Ship in CORPORATE HOSPITALS BECAUSE THEY WANT M.O. On cheaper basis.
you are sadly mistaken.. just visit these places once, and you will see the change... i am talking about the good programs, not the fellowship programs in some hospitals..
And leave footprints in the sands of time.......
2 of my friends have done DIPLOMA FROM DELETED by webmaster! & OTHER FRIEND DONE FROM DELETED by webmaster!.
Edited by webmaster on 30-04-2009 21:51

what is your point?!

have you joined this forum to discuss and debate or just to create trouble. firstly everybody here is a fellow collegue so treat them with some respect. just the way you would like to be treated by others.

some of the members here are actively involved in emergency medicine training in india and know what they are talking about. ie. they are not talking based on their friends experience!

if you genuinely want to know more ask politely and you might get answers and help.

I think u get me on a wrong way. One thing is that truth is always bitter ! Sorry ARUN SIR !
well the truth remains that diploma in EM does not do any good to anyone. you do not expect to learn and be masters of EM in about a year.. cmon its not possible. So the thing is this, based on a couple of experiences, you cannot malign the entire institute. see others who have done mcem from apollo, or have done fellowships from CMC vellore, or many other institutes in india. The research that comes out of SRMC chennai, all these institutes are paving the way for the future. theres development all round in EM in india, and hugging onto bad experiences of people a bunch of people who i am sure were not motivated enough for EM, ad joined it because of some odd reason of not getting a residency elsewhere, i mean cmon, grow UO!!!
And leave footprints in the sands of time.......
doc_riz has probably not visited any of the established EM depts in India or met any of the currently practicing EM physicians in India. As individuals passionate about EM for this country, our greatest enemies are people who do not know about the current state of EM in India but go around spreading the word that it does not exist. ( I mean no offence to doc_riz but I have spoken to more than a hundred people like this who cannot be convinced in a day.)

An EM resident on an international EM rotation comes to India, goes to a random hospital works for 3 months and then publishes in a journal that EMERGENCY MEDICINE DOES NOT EXIST IN INDIA!

So cool!

The only way to convince such people is to take them around to the 15 or so EM depts and show them what work is being done, right to every detail. It is obvious that only the private hospitals have been promoting EM since more than 10 years.

So doc_riz I think we both need to meet and also find a bag of money on the road so that I can fly you around India showing to all the EM depts and the EM physicians! Then we will continue this discussion!Cool
Sorry for hurting you IMRAN.
Truth remains TRUTH !
doc riz

i work in an emergency department in england. last august i visited vinayaka mission's hospital in salem(my home town). i was very impressed with the kind of work and enthusiasm in the department. i agree the situation is not rosy and will not be for atleast the next 1-2 decades. however i think the perseverence of some of the individuals and departments in india will truly pave the way for a better career for future generations of emergency physicians in india.


ps.truth sometimes depends on which angle you look from. have you read about the blind men and the elephant?
Drarung ! How TO get Training in UK ?
have a look at
HI everyone. I am a EM trained (US board) physician workin in Saudi Arabia. I am very interested to hear about the development of EM in India. It was really a surprise to me. Great job.
What is the current status of the training within the medical community, and within the certifying authorities?
Where would be a good place to visit to get a closer look at the training and organizational system there?

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