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emergency services in indian metros
fellow forum members

i am trying to gather some information on the above topic. kindly email me if you can be of any help.

arunkumar ganesan.

ps. if you have time please visit


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is there any specific information that you are looking for???
And leave footprints in the sands of time.......
i work in emergency medicine in uk. during the recent mumbai terror episode onething which struck me was the apparent inadequacy of emergency services-ambulances, fire brigades and persons working for both.

from my previous experience of both govenment and private hospitals i am aware of the level of care available once victims reach the hospital.

i just wanted to look at what is available in another metropolis of india-chennai and what new and positive developments are happening. i am writing it in the form of an essay for my blog. unfortunately i cannot give a link at the moment without permission from the webmaster.

arunkumar ganesan.
Well as far as the other metropolis are concerned, things are pretty much the same as far as planning and executing the plans when disaster strikes are concerned.
the equipment availability, the personnel vary.
For eg. mumbai still doesent have a standardised emergency service, unlike cities like hyderabad, ahmedabad, where you have one standard no. for all emergencies, based on the 911 of the US.
The ambulances are also pretty neat and could very easily stand up to the level of an ACLS ambulance in the US. but where we have the infrastructure, human resource is scarce. there are very few accredited paramedic training programs... and hence the improper utilisation of resource.
You have to see the fire brigades at the hyderabad airport to believe them, they are probably better than the fire brigades in the US, each has atleast 4 fire dousing method capabilities, and the staff that run them has been trained in germany. So its not that we dont have the staff or the capability, its about having them at the right place at the right time, and about having them everywhere.
Its just now that India is realizing the need for EM services and i guess it will take time for things to settle in.
I expect things to be very very different at the 2010 commonwealth games in delhi, but then certain things are dependant upon political will and unless that is born, im afraid such things will keep happening.

And leave footprints in the sands of time.......

do you work in hyderabad? if things are being done properly in hyderabad than why not copy the model in other cities? what do you think are the hurdles?

arun ganesan.
i used to work in hyderabad...
but yeah the model is great... and it is being copied
i dont think uve heard but 108 is now the 911 no. for india, its based on the same lines.
the tenders for most of the states have been filled
and we should see EMS cropping up left right and center.
the problem is training paramedics, that is going to take time, and so its a matter of faith.
its not easy to loose that in india ...
so hopefully things will turn for the better

And leave footprints in the sands of time.......
i have managed to put together whatever i have learnt about emergency services in india. kindly have a look at have got permission from moderators to include this link)

kindly give some feedback/suggestions.

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