Thread subject: NEPI :: MCEM and future

Posted by imron on 03-02-2008 22:02

[quote]maroju wrote:
Hey, that sounds very exciting!!! But,
1) What is the success rate for this exam?(pass percentage... may again reflect how tough the exam is???)
2) Should things go 'pear shaped' for an ED physician with MCEM, what stance would MCI take (cos' it is not recognised by it?)
3) Is MCEM comparable to FACEP and FACEM or is it FCEM that is on par?
4) What is the eligibility criteria for FCEM for people from our sub-continent?[/quote]

1) Pass rate for Part A (Basic Sciences) is about 18-23% (Both in UK as well as Hyderabad). This sure is a very tough exam. Believe me!
Pass rate for Part B and Part C is 50-60% (Both UK and Hyderabad)

2) I have no idea what MCI will do.

3) MCEM is a step towards FCEM. All though MCEM at Hyderabad is following the UK curriculum, it is providing broad, unrestricted EM experience to its residents. The equivalent of any 3 year EM residency as in USA. How MCEM is interpreted in India remains to be seen.
FACEP is a 3 year or a 4 year residency in USA
FACEM is a 5 year residency in Australia (If i'm not wrong)

MCEM is a 2 year residency in UK
MCEM is a 3 year residency at Apollo Hyderabad, India
FCEM is a 4 year program in UK after completion of MCEM

4) Eligibility criteria for FCEM from our subcontinent is to have finished
MCEM part A, B and C sucessfully, either in UK or at Hyderabad. Right now there is nobody who has gone to UK to do an FCEM from here.