Thread subject: NEPI :: MCEM and future

Posted by maroju on 19-08-2009 01:24

With the recent decision by MCI to recognise EM as a specialty in its own right, several institutes which have already been running their own EM training programs have really got a shot in their arm. They probably are already ahead of what I can see to be a 'rat race' to set up EM programmes over the coming months/years.
This also would really stir up a few things.
1. Initiatives need to be set up to train the trainers
2. Create a core curriculum
3. Have a system of evaluation of the services and also the training program.
4. Change in the mindset and perception of other specialties to EM
5. How much funding would the specialty attract from the respective governments or educational boards?
6. What would be the future of MCEM in India? Would people be willing to spend that much money on the course and exams? Would the College of EM/Appollo come up with a better 'deal'?
What is good about this decision is that the common man is the clear winner, assuming the quality of care in 'casualty wards' would improve...

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