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Please register yourself on the site first.

STEP 1 - Click on "Click here to register" near the login panel
STEP 2 - Fill in the necessary details including your email address. Read the Terms & Conditions. Click "Register"
STEP 3 - Go to your email inbox and you'll find a new email from NEPI. Click on the activation link in the page. (Check your junk/spam if its not in the inbox)
STEP 4 - Once this is done, wait for an email from NEPI for confirmation.
STEP 4 - Once your account is activated. Login in normally as a user using your password.

Next start a new thread
STEP 1 - After you are logged in, click on "Discussion Forum" on the top yellow pane.
STEP 2 - Click on the forum you wish to start your thread in.
STEP 3 - Click on "New Thread" and post your thread. That's it!

If you wish to reply to a thread, click on the thread and at the bottom of the page
you'll find a box to post a reply.

If you wish to submit an article forward it to
The administrator will review your submission for publication.

- Webmaster

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