Docs Going to USA Will Have to Sign Bond for Return
Posted by webmaster on April 23 2012 23:54:05
Docs Going to USA Will Have to Sign Bond for Return

The government today said any doctor going to the US for higher medical studies would have to sign a bond with it before leaving and honour the document by returning to India after finishing the study period.

The Indian Express - Docs Going to USA Will Have to Sign Bond for Return

The Hindu - Doctors pursuing higher studies in the US to sign return bond

This is one of those unintelligent moves made by the Health Ministry.

Listen Doc, you can go to USA, but you will have to come back and work for us. Otherwise we will make you jobless & homeless there.
To understand the consequences of having such a ruling, let's assume that it does get enforced. Remember, the aim is to get doctors to return back to India after their training in USA, so that more doctors are available in the country.

What is likely to happen
- Doctors will stop going to USA. Alternatives will be Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, etc. It will not take long for medical student communities to identify countries which satisfy both learning and working conditions.
- It will also not take long for them to identify a multitude of ways to get the No Objection Certificate (NOC) without signing the bond. Corruption will get encouraged. NOC prices will shoot up.
- Doctors can probably stay in USA indefinitely by continuing to enroll themselves into various training programs.
- Such rulings will also discourage students from choosing medicine as a career, leading to further reductions in the number of doctors available in the future.

Whether this issue gets dragged to the Court remains to the seen.


Asking Indian Docs to Return After Higher Studies Unfair