EmergencyMedicine.in Mirror Site
Posted by webmaster on August 23 2011 00:49:30
EmergencyMedicine.in Mirror Site
Tech Desk


Dear Readers,

We are currently experiencing technical problems with our primary servers in Mumbai. Our website was unreachable on multiple occasions since the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, the website was down again. Hence we have temporarily redirected all visitor traffic to our alternate server in US. This website which you are now viewing, is our backup mirror site. We are attempting to restore the original website to bring it back online.

However, we will still try and upload any news items coming from our Editors Desk. Assuring you of our best efforts!

- Tech Team, EmergencyMedicine.in

Update 26-Aug-2011
Our primary server is now back online, however we are going to continue using this mirror site as our primary website, until further notice. Full website access has been enabled and we will also bring the NEPI discussion forum online shortly.